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Hey guys! Any of you still tugging? Did any of you complete your restoration? I stopped tugging for a long time, but picked it back up a little over a year ago. There are so many new and more efficient devices now! I've gotten over the CI-3 to CI-4 hump over the past year and am aiming for CI-6 by year's end. KOT! :)

One month left for the 2009 TLC Tugger Pro-Intact Song, Poetry, and YouTube Contest

I'd like to encourage you to participate in this year's free contest and expand the body of pro-intact art. See for entries to date and contest rules. Every creative entrant earns credit toward TLC Tugger products and services, and hundreds in cash prizes will be awarded after the voting in mid-October.

Last year's cash prize winners include artists known as Kenya Matthews, DolfinBoysF, RevLeland49, Care4urBaby, Paul DeShaw, Trent Britton, C J Lewis, and Patrick Julius. Some of this year's categories are as yet uncontested, including best musical video, best original song, best parody song, and the special bonus prize for best submission by a high school or college student.

Entering can be as easy as downloading lyrics to a popular song and then changing a few words until it's a song about circumcision or human rights. We even have a non-creative entry category where you can simply browse for your favorite intactivist video submitted since last October and share it with as a Previously Published Work.

Good Luck,
-Ron Low

Controlled Trial on Restoring Methods forming


I'm not trying to drive traffic away from this site or anything, but I wanted to make sure guys who aren't members at both forums were aware of this.

Over at my forum we're fixing to conduct a more-or-less controlled trial and before we even recruit participants we need to decide what we're going to study and how. This will only get resolved if the discussing happens all in one place, so if you'd like to weigh in, see this thread:

You are welcome to help design the trial even if you won't be a test subject, and you are welcome to participate in the test even if you don't weigh in on the design.

Whatever we decide to study, there are no losers. We can repeat the process for a different question every six months or so.

-Ron Low

Make your vote count - Pick song/poetry/video contest winners

The 2008 TLC Tugger Pro-Intact Song, Poetry, and YouTube Contest entries are in.

I would really appreciate your help and your support for the artists who took the time to create new works celebrating human rights.

We have 9 categories, but if you could vote for at least one that would mean a lot. Just go to this page and review all entries for any category. Then click its VOTE icon. I've made it easier this year; no logging in required.

Even the entrants in the uncontested categories would appreciate your support for their efforts. Voting is open throughout October. We'll know our winners about the same time we name the next US president.

Ron Low

Question About the TLC-X

Recently I've been restoring with the traditional T-Tape method and am getting sick of removing the tape and cleaning the excess residue off on a daily basis. I also figured if I'm going to be doing this for years to come, I might as well invest some money into buying a product that would remove the need for tape and last indefinitely. I watched some of the videos on the TLC Tugger website and decided I'm going to buy one but I have some concerns. I was specifically drawn to the TLC-X because I'm trying to apply more tension to my inner foreskin but I was wondering if anyone has used this device and how it compares to the original TLC? On the website it said that this device could be used exactly like a regular TLC but my main concern is discomfort due to the glans being pushed down in order to create tension on the inner foreskin. Is this the primary mode of causing tension on the inner skin or does tugging on the device using a strap also add tension (alleviating some of the force put on the glans?). My other concern is that I'm bordering between a CI-1 and CI-2, is this enough skin to apply the cones properly? Another question I have is the effectiveness of the TLC compared with the T-Tape: are the both the same? And how much skin is required to the between the two cones to adhere properly? I'm just thinking that if the TLC requires a few cm of skin inside the cone, then that skin will not be in tension therefore effectively reducing the amount of skin that stretches and grows, slowing the process down. At this point though, I don't know if I'm just over analyzing things because I've never actually seen a TLC in person and tried it on so all of my assumptions might not be valid. I'm just a poor college student and want to make sure that I'm going to use what I pay for because $80 is a good deal of money to me. So if anyone has some comments on the TLC Tuggers, I'd love to hear it. Or if anyone's switched from T-Tapes to the TLC and has some personal experiences to share that would also be great.

-Thanks for your comments!

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So um... I think I remember reading about a vitamin cream or something similar that can help make your skin a little more stretchy... does anyone know what I'm talking about?
My skin lately has become pretty tense. I think it has something to do with the weather.

Howard Stern to discuss restoration 8/20/08 listen free

I have been invited to display my restored foreskin Wednesday morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show which reaches something like 10 million people on Sirius Satellite Radio. (Hear it free, see below). My participation might be as early as 7am NYC time. The show is rebroadcast 4 more times throughout the next 24-hours. There are televised highlights shown on the HowardTV on-demand digital cable service, usually within a day or two.

The Wednesday show will revolve around the bachelor party of actor George Takei (Star Trek's Mr. Sulu) who can finally wed his life partner thanks to the recent California ruling legalizing gay marriage. My participation is as a contestant in the "Prettiest Penis Contest" to be judged by George. I have no idea how many contestants they have recruited, but am confident when they see my foreskin retainer and restoration result some pro-intact discussion will ensue.

To those who say this spectacle may be beneath my dignity or that of our noble human rights struggle, I would say that Howard is probably the world's loudest pro-intact celebrity. He has often bemoaned all infant circumcision including his own, but has never made it a high-priority personal cause. I think this is because he doesn't want to depress his mostly-cut audience over something that happened to them which they can't improve upon. He doesn't seem to know how easy or worthwhile restoring is, but he will after Wednesday. Anyway, my penis is all over the internet already, so why not?

HEAR THE SHOW FOR FREE wherever you have a high-speed internet connection. offers one-time free 3-day online trials of their satellite radio service. You can go to and sign up early Tuesday to be all tested and ready to listen Wednesday.

Immediately after the 4-hour radio show, they have a "Wrap-Up Show" where some of Howard's subordinates discuss the day's events. *If* I win the contest they *could* have me in as a guest for that (double longshot). The wrap-up show is also rebroadcast throughout the day.

Share this news with anyone you like.

Warm Regards,
-Ron Low